I offer an In-house and Mobile Make-up and Hair service for any occasion. In-house is located in London Colney, Hertfordshire. Discounts are available to bookings for Make-up and Hair​. Additional charges will be applied if Hair Extensions are required, for mileage over 30 miles, travel to Central London, parking and congestion charging if applicable. 

Mobile Service
Bridal Make-up only: £120
Bridal hair only: from £120. (Price may vary if extensions required)
Bridal Make-up and Hair: from £220
Bar Mitzvah mum Make-up only: £100
Bar Mitzvah mum Hair only: from £80  (Price may vary if extensions required)
Bar Mitzvah mum Hair and Make-up: £160
​Bridesmaid/ Mother of Bride Make-up: £60
Bridesmaid/ Mother of the Bride Hair: from £50
Bridesmaid/ Mother of the Bride Hair and Make-up: from £100
Party Make-up only: £100
Party Hair only: from £60
Party Make-up and Hair: from £160
Under 14 Make-up (no foundation): £30
Under 14 Hair: £40

Special occasion Make-up: £60
Special occasion Hair: £30-50
Bridal or Special occasion Make-up Trial: £60
Bridal or Special occasion Hair Trial: £50
​Bridesmaid/ Mother of Bride Make-up Trial: £40
Bridesmaid/ Mother of Bride Hair Trial: £30

All Make-up prices include application of Temporary eyelashes

Bridal Deluxe Package

The Bridal Deluxe package includes everything you need for the perfect wedding Make-up and Hair and a saving of £15!

Bridal Make-up and Hair trial, Bridal Make-up and Hair on the day and a full set of Eyelash Extensions (lasting 3-4 weeks)
Price: £380


I advise my clients on how to apply the right make- up in the right way to best compliment and enhance their skin tone, features and face shape. Nothing's off limits - including my kit!
2 hour lesson In Studio: £120


Application takes 1 - 1.5 hours and Eyelashes last around 2-3 weeks before they need infilling. See the Eyelash page or contact me for more information. 
Full Set: £65
Infills: £40


Handmade, bespoke Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are Ultrasoft and super Fluttery! Application takes around 1.45 hours, but they can last longer than Pre-glued fans as they set on and around the natural lash, minimizing glue build-up and ensuring longevity. They generally need infilling every 3 weeks.
Full Set: £80
Infills: £45


Application takes around an hour and results last around 6-8 weeks if cared for properly. See the Eyelash page or contact me for more information.
Full Set: £55
1. Payment is only accepted in the form of cash or advance bank transfer.
2. All services are non-refundable.
3. Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis.
4. Between 1st of June and 1st of September I require a minimum party of 2 for a Saturday booking.
5. To secure a booking, a deposit of £50 should be paid within 1 week of a trial to secure your booking.
6. The outstanding balance for the mobile service should to be paid in full before the event date.
7. Cancellation of the mobile service needs to be given by the client in writing no less than 1 month in advance of the event date or the outstanding amount will be payable, please note the deposit and trial are not refundable.
8. In the unlikely event I am unable to attend the event a replacement will be arranged and deposit will be refunded. Please note trials are always non refundable.
9. Cancellations are not accepted within 24 hours of the arranged appointment time.
10. Terms are as of 11 November 2013. It is the client's responsibility to read them.
11.  Microblading Terms are printed on your Consultation form, please read them carefully. A 50% deposit will be taken at your Consultation and this is ​entirely non-refundable.  
Please take a moment to read Nicky's Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page. Thank you